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When I started to cook at home, I was really nervous about how things would turn out. Would that roast be seared enough on each side? Would that salsa have enough flavor? However, after I started feeling a little more courageous, I started trying new things that really paid off later. I realized that cooking was all about making dinner colorful and unique, and my family absolutely loved the new concepts I was trying. On my blog, you will learn about different things that make dishes unique, and how you can make dinner even more delicious than it already is.

Three Simple Desserts That Accentuate The Flavors Of High Quality Dark Chocolate

17 July 2015
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Articles

When you have high quality, gourmet chocolate, you want to enjoy it in a way that allows its flavors to shine, rather than camouflaging it with too many other ingredients. That's not to say you always have to enjoy your gourmet chocolate plain. Here are three simple dessert recipes that accentuate the flavors of good chocolate. Chocolate Drizzled Berry Bowls This simple dessert is a light choice that's perfect after a hearty meal. Read More …

Really No Substitute For Commercial Grade Microwaves In Some Settings

17 December 2013
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Articles

There is really no comparison between the commercial grade microwaves sold in some restaurant supply venues and those sold in conventional discount stores intended for home utility. The latter are usually of a lower wattage which makes heating individual servings and smaller dishes practical, yet completely inadequate for the wear-and-tear endured in a commercial setting, such as a dining establishment or business. Furthermore, many commercial grade microwaves have precautionary features that withstand extended exposure to moisture, humidity, or heat- similar to the environment found in many commercial kitchens. Read More …