Turn To Your Local Bakery For Help With Christmas Baking

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Turn To Your Local Bakery For Help With Christmas Baking

10 September 2021
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Many people take a serious approach to baking in advance of Christmas, often spending several days preparing sweet treats for their families. In many cases, people will get together with members of their extended family and friends to work together on baking projects. If you've decided not to get together because of the COVID-19 pandemic and your usual Christmas baking to-do list feels daunting, one option is to get help from a local bakery. In addition to baking fresh bread, buns, and other products daily, many bakeries put focus on sweet fare around the holidays. Here are some types of Christmas baking that you can order from your local bakery.

Mincemeat Pie Or Tarts

If your family has a British background, you might traditionally enjoy baking a few mincemeat pies or a large number of mincemeat tarts to eat around Christmas. Despite its name, mincemeat doesn't generally contain any pieces of real meat today. Instead, the filling includes such ingredients as dried fruit. Rather than tackling this large baking job on your own, check with a few local bakeries. Many bakeries produce special batches of both mincemeat products around the holidays, so you can buy the exact quantity that you'll need for your family this year.

Yule Log Cake

For many families, a yule log cake is a stylish dessert that they'll eat as dessert on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Baking and decorating this dessert can take time, so you may wish to buy one instead. Rather than looking for a yule log cake at your local supermarket, turn to a proper bakery. Bakeries pride themselves on using high-end ingredients, so the cake that you buy will taste better than a supermarket alternative. Additionally, it will almost certainly be fresher, as many supermarket products aren't actually made on site.

Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are often on peoples' holiday baking to-do lists. While the recipe for shortbread is fairly simple, it can take a lot of time to decorate these cookies—especially if you like them to look a certain way. If you're feeling that you don't want to take on this project without your usual help from family or friends, check with a local bakery. Bakeries often sell large batches of shortbread cookies in advance of Christmas, typically shaped like a variety of Christmas images and carefully decorated with icing and sprinkles. Contact a local bakery, such as Charpiers Bakery, to learn about these and other seasonal sweet treats.