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When I started to cook at home, I was really nervous about how things would turn out. Would that roast be seared enough on each side? Would that salsa have enough flavor? However, after I started feeling a little more courageous, I started trying new things that really paid off later. I realized that cooking was all about making dinner colorful and unique, and my family absolutely loved the new concepts I was trying. On my blog, you will learn about different things that make dishes unique, and how you can make dinner even more delicious than it already is.

Amarone Wine Gift Basket Ideas

28 March 2018
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A dry red wine produced in Northern Italy's Veneto region, Amarone is known for its rich, bold flavor. Featuring a slightly sweet and nutty flavor, amarone wine will make the ideal gift for any wine connoisseur on your gift list. To create a well-rounded gift, create a basket centered around the full-flavored amarone wine. Include treats, snacks, and other items that complement the wine, and use a high-quality basket, such as a wicker one, that the recipient can reuse after the goodies are gone. Read More …