How To Design A Candy Buffet Table For A Special Event

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How To Design A Candy Buffet Table For A Special Event

9 March 2017
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A candy buffet table will give a special event a sweet, whimsical touch. When designed correctly, the delicious-looking table can provide more than just desserts or party favors. The vibrant candy colors and eye-catching presentation will also become part of the venue decor. 

A buffet table filled with sweet treats will work for any type of special events but especially children's birthday parties and bridal and baby showers. A table filled with decadent chocolate delights and heart-shaped candies would also be ideal for a romance-inspired celebration, such as a wedding reception, a Valentine's Day party, or an anniversary soiree. 

Be sure to a provide a few sugar-free snacks as well to accommodate young guests and those with dietary restrictions. Also, label any items containing nuts for party-goers with allergies. 

Following are some tips for designing a super-sweet candy buffet table for your next event:

1. Decorate the Buffet Table 

The first order of business is to choose the right-size buffet table and then decorate it in preparation of the candy displays. To create a neutral backdrop for all of the vibrantly colored treats, choose a crisp white, cotton table cloth or runner. If you're going for a more romantic appeal, choose one made of a lace or sheer organza fabric that will gently drape to the floor.

If you're working with a theme, such as rainbows for a child's birthday or storks for a baby shower, you can pick a table linen featuring corresponding designs. To enhance a boring white wall behind the buffet table, tape colorful streamers to it as a creative backdrop.

Hang a sign with an appropriate saying, such as "happy birthday" or "welcome baby," from the front of the table as another idea.

2. Choose the Candy

Use the party theme or colors to determine the type of candy you use. For instance, pick sticks of clear rock candy and candy rings. You can go for an elegant look with all-white candy, such as coated nuts and chocolates as well. 

For a baby girl or boy shower, choose pastel pink- and blue-hued candies, or for a gender-neutral theme, go with a whimsical rainbow of colors. You can also find pacifier- and stork-shaped candies at specialty retailers or online. 

3. Display the Sweets

How you display the candy is just as important as the sweets themselves when it comes to a buffet table. Hold individual types of small candies, such as gumballs and jelly beans in clear apothecary jars with lids. Place decorative labels on the front of each jar, and provide scoops and baggies so that the guests can customize their own mixes. 

Other ideas include placing stick-style candies in wine or champagne glasses, using colorful tin pails, and displaying larger items, such as pralines and fudge squares, on charming cake or cupcake stands.