Delicious And Healthy: 3 Tips To Making Perfect Flatbread Pizzas Each And Every Time

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Delicious And Healthy: 3 Tips To Making Perfect Flatbread Pizzas Each And Every Time

3 April 2017
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Flatbread is a much healthier option than white bread. It can be used to make many fun dishes and is a staple ingredient in households that place a strong emphasis on eating healthy. If you'd like to incorporate more flatbread into your family's diet, consider using flatbread to make pizzas. The slices of flatbread are the perfect size for making a personal pizza for each person in the family. Here are 3 tips you should keep in mind so that you make perfect pizzas each and every time.

Parbake the Flatbread to Avoid Getting a Floppy Crust

Regardless of whether you choose whole wheat or white flatbread, you'll find the dough to be quite soft. It can be difficult to get a crispy finish on the flatbread. A simple trick to avoid getting a floppy crust is to simply parbake the flatbread ahead of time before adding any toppings. Take the flatbread out of the oven once it gets a bit firmer in texture. The surface of the flatbread should have a slight golden touch to it.

Go Easy on the Sauce and Slice the Ingredients Thin

Due to the thin nature of flatbread, you want to go easy on the sauce to avoid the sauce from basically making the flatbread all soggy and floppy. A little sauce will go a long way. Similarly, since the flatbread will bake in no time, top your homemade flatbread pizza with thin ingredients. You want the ingredients to cook all the way through in the same time that it takes for the flatbread to warm up.

Watch the Pizza While It Is Baking Like a Hawk to Avoid Having Burnt Pizza

Although you can easily toss a frozen pizza in the oven without thinking about it for a good chunk of time, flatbread pizza will cook in just a fraction of the time. The thin crust will warm up quickly and can get burnt easily. Because of this reason, keep a watchful eye on your flatbread pizza the moment that you put it into the oven. You'd be amazed at just how little time it takes. This also gives you better control over how crispy the crust will be.


Flatbread can be used to make delicious homemade personal pizzas. It's healthy and also quite inexpensive. You can add any type of sauce or toppings onto the flatbread based on your preferences. You don't have to stick to the norm. You can try adding white sauce, cream sauce, and other variations onto the flatbread.