Tips For Cooking Amazing BBQ Meats

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Tips For Cooking Amazing BBQ Meats

21 November 2019
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Most people agree that hot, fresh BBQ meat tastes amazing. While there are many restaurants that offer delicious BBQ meats, many people would like to recreate the taste at home on their own. Luckily, you don't have to be an experienced pitmaster to grill up your own BBQ meats for dinner. With a little bit of time and effort, you can make delectable BBQ meats that you and your family are sure to enjoy. Use the following tips to help you make the best BBQ meats possible at home.

Avoid Using a Gas Grill

If your goal is to make the most flavorful BBQ meats possible, your best bet is to avoid using a gas grill. With a gas grill, there is very little smoke, but smoke during the cooking process makes a big difference in how the finished product tastes. You are much better off using a charcoal grill or cooking over wood. If you opt to grill with charcoal, it is a good idea to add some wood chips from fruit trees in order to give your BBQ meats extra flavor.

Be Patient

When it comes to making excellent BBQ meats, patience is a virtue. For the best results, meat needs to cook at a low temperature over an extended period of time. Don't make the mistake of checking the meat or turning it too often -- leave the lid to your grill or smoker closed as much as possible. The longer you can cook your BBQ meat, the more likely it will be juicy and tender. If you're planning a BBQ feast, schedule your time appropriately, and plan on putting your meat on the grill a few hours in advance of when you expect to eat.

Give Your Meat Room to Cook

In order for BBQ meat to cook properly, it needs plenty of room and proper air flow. When you place your meat in a smoker or on a grill, make sure that it is not touching other pieces of meat or the sides of the grill. This will ensure that every piece of meat will cook evenly.

Use a High Quality Pit Sauce

A tangy, delicious pit sauce elevates the taste of BBQ meats, so it is important to use a good one. Don't randomly grab the cheapest bottle of BBQ sauce that you can find on a grocery store shelf -- for truly amazing BBQ meats, it is essential to choose an award winning BBQ meat pit sauce. There are many retailers that offer a wide variety of high quality pit sauces, so take your time selecting the best one for the type of meat that you plan to prepare. 

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