3 Kitchen Gadgets You Need When Life Is a Pain in the Wrist

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3 Kitchen Gadgets You Need When Life Is a Pain in the Wrist

10 May 2016
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If you currently suffer from arthritis, you are not alone. As it currently stands, roughly 53 million adults suffer from this debilitating disease. To make matters worse, of the many types of arthritis you can have, most of them have the ability to affect your wrists. Pain and inflammation of your wrist joints can make daily tasks difficult, particularly in the kitchen. Fortunately, there are three kitchen gadgets that can make your life far easier.

Single Cup Brewing Stations

If you are a coffee lover, arthritis could make the task of brewing coffee quite difficult. Lifting a full 12-cup coffee pot might prove painful and nearly impossible for you. Fortunately, you do not have to sacrificed your morning pick-me-up.

Single cup brewing stations are a great addition to your kitchen if you suffer from arthritis. Rather than traditional coffee pots, you receive a freshly brewed cup of coffee each time, meaning you do not have to lift up on a full, heavy coffee pot. When you lift on a full coffee pot, you risk spilling the hot, burning liquid all over you, which could cause injuries.

Another benefit is you do not have to straining your wrists to wash out a reusable filter. Instead, single cup brewers use a small pod filled with coffee grounds. Once your coffee is finished brewing, you can simply toss the pod in the trash. In other words, less lifting, less scrubbing, and less mess, which means less strain on your wrists. Look into getting products like Keurig K cups to ensure you can enjoy your coffee without any added strain to your wrists.

Easy Open Canisters

Kitchen canisters are a great addition to any kitchen. They seal shut to help keep various food fresher for a longer period. For example, you can store coffee creamer and sugar in a canister next to your brewing station. Placing canisters near your coffee stations reduces the likelihood that you will have to lift a heavy bag of sugar, thus reducing the strain on your wrists.

Unfortunately, twist the lid off a canister might be a painful task. The good news is you can replace your traditional twist-top canisters with push-button canisters instead. Push-button canisters allow you to open your canisters with a one-finger push of a button, therefore reducing the strain on your wrists. You can access all of your stored goods quickly and easily with far less strain.

Specialized Kitchen Utensils

An estimated 2 million individuals who suffer from arthritis say that it is difficult to grasp small items. Therefore, grasping the small handle of a spoon or similar kitchen utensil may prove to be a daunting task.

In order to accommodate pain and inflammation in your wrists, opt for larger handled utensils. Many stores sell utensils with larger handles and rubber grips specifically for people with arthritis. The larger handles along with the rubber material that covers them makes gripping a lot easier. Another option is to purchase kitchen utensils with an open handle so you can slip your hand into the opening for easier grasping.

If you are interested in these or other products that can make life easier in the kitchen for arthritis sufferers like you, speak with a professional. A professional can help you choose various kitchen accessories that best fit your daily needs. You can find everything from brewing stations to specialized kitchen utensils and everything in between. In fact, you might be surprised to learn what other gadgets that are for people in your situation.

You can also consult your doctor in learning where to find other specialized products that make life easier for arthritis patients.