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When I started to cook at home, I was really nervous about how things would turn out. Would that roast be seared enough on each side? Would that salsa have enough flavor? However, after I started feeling a little more courageous, I started trying new things that really paid off later. I realized that cooking was all about making dinner colorful and unique, and my family absolutely loved the new concepts I was trying. On my blog, you will learn about different things that make dishes unique, and how you can make dinner even more delicious than it already is.

NFL London Games: A Guide To Enjoying Early Football At The Sports Bar

1 November 2016
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The NFL has expanded its annual scheduled International Series to include more games and more teams for each season. While residents of London get to enjoy some primetime American football, fans in the United States must wake up very early to take part in some of the big game action. While sports bars are ideal for enjoying games in the afternoon or at night, it's a whole different ball game for the morning hours. Read More …

6 Tips for Planning Meals for Your Family

21 September 2016
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While dining out on occasion is enjoyable, it is more beneficial for families to eat at home. When you plan meals for your family, you can control what ingredients go into the food and cut down on the portion sizes. In fact, according to a study presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, children whose parents took time to prepare meals at home were more likely to make healthy food choices. Read More …

3 Kitchen Gadgets You Need When Life Is a Pain in the Wrist

10 May 2016
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If you currently suffer from arthritis, you are not alone. As it currently stands, roughly 53 million adults suffer from this debilitating disease. To make matters worse, of the many types of arthritis you can have, most of them have the ability to affect your wrists. Pain and inflammation of your wrist joints can make daily tasks difficult, particularly in the kitchen. Fortunately, there are three kitchen gadgets that can make your life far easier. Read More …

Increase Your Customer Base By Making Your Restaurant More Food-Allergy Friendly

28 September 2015
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If you own a restaurant or other type of dining establishment, you may want to consider being able to accommodate people who have food allergies. According to Food Allergy Research & Education, 4% of adults and 8% of children have food allergies, and food allergies have increased in children at a rate of 50% between 1997 and 2011. According to statistics, 200,000 emergency room visits each year are attributed to food allergy reactions. Read More …

How To Make Spanish Rice Like Your Favorite Mexican Restaurant

7 August 2015
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Whether you're making it at home or visiting your favorite local Mexican restaurant, one side dish that's synonymous with Mexican meals is rice. Spanish rice, traditionally made with tomatoes and peppers, is packed with flavor and makes a fantastic accompaniment to dishes known for their big flavors. If you have always enjoyed the flavor of Spanish rice but didn't know how to reproduce it yourself, this is the article for you. Read More …