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When I started to cook at home, I was really nervous about how things would turn out. Would that roast be seared enough on each side? Would that salsa have enough flavor? However, after I started feeling a little more courageous, I started trying new things that really paid off later. I realized that cooking was all about making dinner colorful and unique, and my family absolutely loved the new concepts I was trying. On my blog, you will learn about different things that make dishes unique, and how you can make dinner even more delicious than it already is.

How To Plan A Seafood Bar And Grill-Inspired Event

20 May 2017
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If you're a seafood lover and you want to host a relaxed event that is sure to please all of your guests, go with an ocean-inspired bar and grill theme. From the coastal decor to fresh seafood appetizers and entrees, the event will make attendees feel as if they're on an island getaway.  A seafood bar and grill theme will work for any type of special occasion, such as holiday and birthday bashes, wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers and romantic Valentine's Day and anniversary soirees. Read More …

Delicious And Healthy: 3 Tips To Making Perfect Flatbread Pizzas Each And Every Time

3 April 2017
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Flatbread is a much healthier option than white bread. It can be used to make many fun dishes and is a staple ingredient in households that place a strong emphasis on eating healthy. If you'd like to incorporate more flatbread into your family's diet, consider using flatbread to make pizzas. The slices of flatbread are the perfect size for making a personal pizza for each person in the family. Here are 3 tips you should keep in mind so that you make perfect pizzas each and every time. Read More …

How To Design A Candy Buffet Table For A Special Event

9 March 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

A candy buffet table will give a special event a sweet, whimsical touch. When designed correctly, the delicious-looking table can provide more than just desserts or party favors. The vibrant candy colors and eye-catching presentation will also become part of the venue decor.  A buffet table filled with sweet treats will work for any type of special events but especially children's birthday parties and bridal and baby showers. A table filled with decadent chocolate delights and heart-shaped candies would also be ideal for a romance-inspired celebration, such as a wedding reception, a Valentine's Day party, or an anniversary soiree. Read More …